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Well! I am a person suffering from ankylosing spondylitis where the entire back and neck becomes stiff. The one suffering from this problem cannot turn or bend at all. Fortunately with correct diagnosis of this disease by Dr. Anish, I am able to turn and bend today. May be not 100% but I have not become stiff. For the past 4 years, I am undergoing his treatment and feel better.

I visited the Delhi branch at green park last year in june 2015. I am a regular patient of Dr. Anish and have been consulting Dr Anish every month till now. I have noticed marked improvement in general health, general appetite and hunger, digestion and absorption of food and toning of nervous system in me. Besides the special treatment in august 2015 for two weeks was a notable feature of this ayurvedic system and it consisted of warm oil massage of the whole body, head to toe, for about 70 minutes followed by a hot water bath. The most important aspect of any medical treatment is the reliable diagnosis of the ailment. This requirement is adequately met in the Kurias Earth Ayurveda by Dr. Anish who diagnosis the ailing patients accurately on the basis of pulse reading only. He is therefore able to decide on the most suitable treatment in each and every case of patients coming to him. As regards of the cost, the same is reasonable comparing with the present market conditions.

I was suffering from acute headache and had visited several doctors, however none could diagnose the cause and hence could not provide any relief. Then I met Dr.Aneesh in nov 2015. He checked my pulse and could understand the problem in no time. He promised me to cure in 3 months. I was prescribed a tablet and within a day I had no headaches and cured within the time frames as promised. I like to thank Dr.Anish and his team for curing me and giving me a healthy life.

I find Dr. Aneesh very learned and sincere doctor. He can diagnose the cause which others cannot. In todays time we need doctors like him, who can change life style diseases.

Dr. Anish is not only treating ailments but he is changing lives for good. He had helped us and many of our friends and family members in getting rid of ailments where just ďfix itĒ approach of allopathy has failed. Allopathy in some cases though had its complimentary effects but it was Dr. Anish who through his medicines, therapies and life style changes actually took the ailment out of its very roots. We are blessed to have him as our family doctor. With him aroumd we know we are always in safe hands. A couple who would like to stay anonymous says that ďwe almost lost hope after 8 years of marriage. The infertility as per allopathic method was termed as unexplained, they were not able to associate and we were going through a hit and trial treatment with them, multiple attempts of IUI and IVF had failed. When we approached Dr. Anish, things begin to change. He was able to explain issues and advise us on our life style changes. His therapies and treatments gave us new hope and confidence. Though the treatment was long and demanded discipline but finally our prayers were answered.

I am under treatment of Dr. Anish Kurias since last 10 months for my different ailments eg. chronic sneezing, nasal and throat infection, itching, piles, hair fall, eyes floaters etc. The results are excellent. Medicine have no side effects. Dr. Anish Kurias is really gem in modern ayurveda treatment.

Dr.Anish\'s Treatment of Skin DIsease

Dr.Anish\'s Treatment of Skin DIsease

Dr.Naveen-Treated Psoriasis

Dr.Anish-Treating Skin disease

Dr.Anish-Treated Skin disease

We got married in the year 2002 and since then we were looking for a child and waiting and waiting . We visited many doctors in Delhi/many hospitals in Delhi and underwent various procedures including diagnostic laproscopy and 8 cycles of IUI; but all were in vain and end result was zero. In 2006, we came to know about Dr Anish from one of our relative and we met him at his residence in Kerala. Medicines were given for one week and Dr. advised us to get admitted there for 9 days treatment. The treatment was started and the methods /diet offered were entirely different compared to any other ayurvedic treatments . Dr Anish was so humble and friendly and has very sound knowledge in allopathy as well as homeopathy apart from Ayurveda. Dr Anish asked us to continue the medicines for one month and told - you will get conceived after 90 days. In the third month itself , I got conceived and blessed with my little angel ANNSHI . Our joy doubled when we came to know that ,she shares her birthday with Dr Anish on 11th January .Later , we also blessed with one son JEROM. As a firm believer of god, I can say that , God has definitely a plan for each and everyone and he has always kept one way for fulfilling the same - for us, Godís way was through Dr Anish . Last 6 -7 years we have recommended so many people to Dr Anish for various problems /diseases and had experiences their happiness/ cure throí Dr. Anishís treatment. May god bless Dr Anish with all joy, happiness, good health and bring good fortunes for him and his full EARTH team. With lots and lots of Love & prayers Anisha & Jimmy along with Annshi & Jerom

\" In fertility is such a condition that every coping strategies of an average lady fails and she becomes disappointed during several occasions during the treatment. Being a staff nurse of Gynae and Obs department, I was very clear about my condition; two miscarriages along with two recurrent ectopic pregnancies in the same fallopian tube, which was the only patent tube. according to famous obstetricians IVF was the only option for getting pregnant, and we have undergone for the same. But it was a big failure. Now I can\'t even think about those days. Then we came to know about Dr. Anish and Earth hospital from my friend whose treatment was successful at his hospital. Thus we went to earth hospital, being aware of my problem, I was doubtful about the out come of the treatment. But the first consultation with dr. Anish provided a positive energy and positive thinking about the out come. After the preliminary treatment we were admitted at earth hospital, which was established with Dr\'s residence. The set up was entirely different from the conventional hospital set up. Those nine days I always felt the presence and blessings of almighty and the surroundings were very helpful to become close to the supreme power. The treatment was effective and we followed all the advices at the maximum level. Thus we have blessed with our Devu & Harikuttan. We ultimately feel that the \" Almighty blessed us through the knowledge and dedication of Dr. Anish. We are always grateful to Dr. Anish\'s treatment for overcome that stressful period with the best result. We wish all the best to Dr.Anish & his family, as well as all professional success through \'Earth group of hospital\' thanks, with prayers, Preethy Dinesan

\"The past 1and half years of being under Dr Anish Consultation has brought a change to my life style, food habits, timings and I affirm that this change has been very very good. My health has improved a lot and the actual problem of CARDIAC MYXOMA, has come down. This is evident from the fact that I do not get tired after a lot of physical activity. Thank you so much Dr Anish. You have given me a new lease of life that is NATURALLY HEALTHY.\"

I visited Kurias earth with a spectrum of different problems. Iím really happy with the service at Earth hospital. My weight reduced and also Iím able to maintain my TSH level even after stopping ďeltroxinĒ for past 3 weeks. Ayurveda is great.

I never believed that Ayurveda had a solution for my High bp and arthritis. But the 21 days Panchkarma treatment actually changed my life. Now Iím healthy like a teenager at the age of 72.

Email ID Ė Iím working with the Delhi Development Authority. I have always trusted Ayurveda and Dr Anish and his team of doctors have saved me a trip to Kerala for treatment. Now Iím 90% out of my ankle joint pain.

The doctors and therapists are all really good that they really became like a family member of mine. The most important benefit I got was the diet and lifestyle plan. Now Iíve reduced weight and Iím able to retain it stable. More over thanks to team earth the planning has resulted in me getting a lot of time to spend with my family.

Email ID Ė I came here for my skin treatment. The three weeks treatment not only cured me of the problem but all my associated digestion related problem has been solved. Now Iím a happy and healthy person.

Email ID - I came to Kurias Earth for my multiple problems including obesity, fatigue, sleeplessness etc. now Iím totally out of those problems. I not only lost 6kgs in 2 weeks but I feel light and Iím always energetic. Now my wife is also taking treatment at Earth. Thanks to Dr Ratheesh and his team.

We took Ayurvedic treatment for my sonís breathing problem one month back from Dr Anish. He is still on medication and the symptoms have reduced to almost 20%. I should have started this treatment long back instead of those harmful allopath medications.

I never thought that Ayurveda could give such fast results. Iím so grateful to Ayurveda. My son was suffering from this dreadful skin trouble since birth and now by godís grace he is perfectly fine.

I was suffering from chronic allergy since my childhood. After trying all the options and fed up of all the side effects. Then I came to know about Dr Ratheesh and Earth hospital through my friend. Now Iím totally cured off all the problems. Really you changed my life.

Before starting the treatment I was not even able to walk. I had used a walker for support. But after treatment now I can walk without any support. Thanks to Earth Hospital Thank you Dr. Anish. God Bless You all.

The treatment started on Nov 2009 with Dr Anish there was lot of complains like sleep disorder, stomach ache, heart related problems, diabetes, stress etc. everything is normal now. Am living a normal life. Thanks to Dr Anish and his team.

Its an amazing treatment, definitely a value for money and time spent, above all the hardships of following strict diet will give definite results, should be recommended for all you know having any sent off ailments .I tried to loose weight and to stay healthy will all eventual methods. But all in vain. This one really works.

I am H.PRASAD very much happy with the treatment and i will never forget in my life the good doctor and association. The doctor has changed my life never knew that my disease will cure, i thought it will go and end with my life, but i am very happy and all right with godís grace. Thanking yourself.

I came here for treatment of obesity, when i came here i was little doubtful about ayurveda , when i completed my 14days treatment i am satisfied for this treatment and also result are good & here doctors are very friendly & staff also very nice. Thank you.

I came here in a very stressed state of mind. Today last day of treatment, my mind is in a very cool state with zero stressed level. I appreciate the co-operation received from Dr Anish & his other associate doctor & the girls giving therapy.

I came here with bad condition one year back, after Dr Anish treatment i am fine. This year i have undergone 14days treatment doctor and therapists are very co-operative & good.

The dhara is an excellent healing therapy. My headache has gone more than i expected. The diet restrictions are very useful and detoxifies the entire body. Overall it is a good and authentic experience.

Do i really need to tell anything about doctors? Love the dedication towards SERVICE! Awesome manage. Thanks a lot therapists and of course doctors. Love all of you.

Lost few inches in a short time span, felt lighter, people are very caring & co-operative. Sleep has improved very well and feels more relaxed.

Thanks to doctor Anish & all the employees of earth, especially doctors and therapists. They are very professional. My B.P is getting controlled. Thanks a lot.

Treatment (Pancha karma) found to be very effective, supporting staff (doctors) including therapists are very cordial and taken care well during vamana/virechana/ snehapana/ massage. Good results for asthma problem.

I came here for obesity treatment .After following strict diet and medications i could see significant changes. I feel light .I am satisfied with their treatments, there is no side effects.

Treatment is good .Therapist are well trained and do their job very well. Results are good problems are solved.

Where there is a will there is a way, hospitality is amazing, doctors were supportive and pain has been reduced 70%.Best wishes.

Doctors are good and they have diagnosed and provided treatment effectively .Can see a lot of changes, thanks to therapist as well.

I am coming here for 7th day, I have already lost 3kg of my weight, and precaution that doctor gave here this is must to continue as well as well with treatment.

Treatment was very appropriate and started showing results from day 1.All the staff ,doctors and therapist are friendly and helpful and knowledgeable .And my diabetic level has come down considerably and other complications has also been reduced.

I feel more energized and the pain has also been reduced, especially navara is rejuvenating.

Treatment Is excellent, I had an issue with my ear .There has been a tremendous improvement in my hearing. Doctor are good , I found human touch in treating patients. .I would definitely recommend EARTH HOSPITAL for any kind of treatment.

Treatment is very good ,scalp psoriasis on my head has been reduced a lot I would recommend this medicine rather than going to Allopath.

I came to EARTH on suggestion of my TL and I have been more happy since .The doctors and therapists have all been really caring and very hospitable .I have forgotten that I have come here for treatment at the end .I shall never forget the atmosphere I have experienced .I have rejuvenated by myself after coming to EARTH hospital .

I was not too thrilled about ayurveda and first couple days of treatment were challenging for me and i dint enjoy the dietary restrictions and stinky oils and pastes .But i started noticing the positive results in my skin (acne) ,digestion and energy level within few days .Now the medicines tastes a less bitter and I have begun to kind of like the funky smells of your product. Most of all my body feel more healthier, i have lost several inches and I am now brought into ayurveda, everyone here are incredibly sweet, kind and thoughtful, look forward to seeing you again With gratitude. Afreen, CA USA.

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