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Pre & Post Maternity Packages

The quintessential for the survival of the future generations. Pregnancy involves three major stages Pre natal, child birth and post natal. During all these stages should be pregnant woman should be given utmost care.
In India the practice of normal delivery is being replaced by cesarean or delivery with aid of pain killers. These practices are discouraged long back in the developed world due to the impending side effects. The change in lifestyle has created numerous problems of infertility and more over result in pregnancy related complications. These can be avoided if proper care is taken from an early stage. A normal healthy delivery ultimately results in good post delivery lactation which again helps in healthy growth of the baby.
Another important aspect is the suitable post natal care, which unfortunately is not received by many women, resulting in premature aging, obesity and weakness. Comprehensive post natal treatment is a sine qua non for the mother to maintain her health and beauty.
Post natal care is essential to maintain health and beauty of the woman. In olden times the whole house hold with the guidance from the elders used to handle the situation. But with the deterioration of joint families this great treasure of traditional knowledge is diminishing.
Human beings are designed by nature for a normal delivery. The Caesarean section is associated with risks of post-operative adhesions, incisional hernias and wound infections. It is also dangerous for the child and at times hinders chances of successful breast feeding.

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