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Bridal Package

When it comes to marriage there is wrong notion that the bridegrooms must enhance their physical faculties and brides their beauty.
This is completely wrong as the girl is bound to under go physical changes after marriage. Proper care should be taken considering the facts that the longevity of the relation and the upbringing of the next generation is highly dependent on the girls health.
The ancient texts like puranas and literary masterpieces vouch that extensive steps were included in preparing a bride for the auspicious ceremony of marriage. Not only the external beauty was enhanced by different therapies and beauty applications but also the physical health was considered. The girl was ensured to have adequate health to up bring a healthy progeny.
The package is not just a beauty therapy; it is a full treat for all the body elements based on Ayurveda. It includes support for correcting the menstrual system, cleansing and preparing the re productive system, nourishment for the skin and face and a full support for emotional balancing.
Ayurveda has remedies for memory fitness which is renowned across the world. Herbal drugs including Brahmi which enhance the protein synthesis in brain and thereby increasing its capacity, Ashwagandha used as a stress buster and revitalizer to calm the brain , Shankapushpi, Muleti,

Treatment Details

Padasubhakari (foot massage) is applied to enhance the circulation of blood as there is a great concentration of nerves there. This is considered equivalent to whole body massage.

Sarvanga Abhayanga (Whole body Massage) is an essential element in this package as it gives a complete rejuvenation to all organs of the body.

Shodhana karma (detoxification), mukha lepana (facial application), Ksheera dhara, Navara Tepu, Sarvanga Dhara, Sarvanga lepa are administered.

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