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Addiction is a common phenomena, be it drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Only in case of psycho tropic drugs and excessive alcoholism the conditioned is noticed, while others escape medical attention which in due course creates grave situations. Reasons , effects and types of addiction are varied but deaddiction is the only solution for it.

The effects of drugs in a persons life are multidimensional. On one side it consumes his time, energy and money which in turn affect his economy and his family and social relations. An addict is exposed to several fatal diseases including death. This will also affect the mental condition of the addict resulting in under performance, errors, loss of job and even lead to crimes.
TWhen it comes to de-addiction Ayurveda is a lesser sought option. The psychotherapic medicines given to addicts are also the same drugs in a mild dose or composition which induce an artificial withdrawal from the addiction, which may not persist for longer periods. Ayurveda offers a variety of treatments and therapies for de-addiction focusing more on the mental aspect of the problem.

The de addiction packages of Earth Ayurveda consist of Panchakarma and other purification Therapies, Rasayana and oral medicines treatments, yoga, meditation and counselling . It aims to purify the body from toxins , helps it function smoothly and simultaneously enable the mind to strengthen itself to be free the clutches of addiction.

Treatment Details

Panchakarma includes five major procedures to purify the body by eliminating the accumulated toxins from it. The common therapies of Panchakarma used in de-addiction are

Vamana(artificial vomiting is induced using herbs),
Virechana( use of laxatives),
Vasti(use of medicated enemas).
Other purification methods include Thakradhara (pouring buttermilk on the forehead), Thalapothichil, (Application of Medicine on the head) and Shirodhara, (Pouring of Medicated oil on the Head)

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