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Child Care Package

A child is the greatest gift for a family. Parents maintain high hopes on their children and expect them to be smarter than any one. They try to provide the best food, clothes, education and other facilities to accomplish the goal of making them super kids. But many parents feel that their children are far behind.
The parents today have limited time to spend with the child due to careers, social and other commitments. The lack of proper parental care, especially the mothers care can affect mental as well as physical faculties of the child. This makes them less smart or efficient than the others. The deficiencies need to be supplemented externally so that the children deliver outstanding performances.
The child when it comes to this world is bereft of all safety and prone to the hazards of life. The series of vaccinations admitted tend to reduce the childs natural immunity. So, ample natural protection should be provided to the infant right from the birth.

Earth Ayurveda hospital has designed unique child care package which comprise of the various treatment methods of the science. This enables the child to have better immune system and develop its potentials to sublime levels. The various methods adopted for the overall growth of a child physically, mentally and intellectually include.

Treatment Details


It is a vaccination made of pure gold, a combination of herbs, cow ghee and honey administered to children from newborns to the age of 16. It is usually in the form of liquid or paste sate and is served on auspicious days early in the morning. Swarnaprashana improves intelligence, immunity, digestive fire and physical power. It also prevented bacterial and viral infections. Regular uses of this medication for six months enhance the childs very intelligence and improves memory to a great extend.

Medya Rasayana

Medya Rasayana is a wonderful combination of herbs that relaxes the mind, enhances the memory and sharpens the intellect and is excellent for school children. Ashwagandha, Jatamasi and Vacha relax the nervous system and strengthen it. Bhrami and Shankhpushpi improve the circulation of blood and enhance memory and correct mental dysfunction. It can be used in mental debility, Epilepsy, insomnia, depression, neuromuscular dysfunction, stress management.


This increases the blood circulation to the micro levels to all parts of the body. It enhances the overall functioning of the body, enables growth, helps to make it strong, flexible and immune to diseases.

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