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Feminine Package

Feminine life is often associated with mystery and is tumultuous in varying aspects. Right from puberty till menopause and even after the fairer sex undergoes several physical and mental turbulences. Women share more responsibility in the modern times with the number of women taking up responsible profession on the rise. The isolation in the nuclear families and the increased role of women in their profession and parenting have made things difficult for them.
The life style of modern times has affected the feminine life in positive and negative aspects. While many pro are highlighted the cons tend be neglected. The physical and emotional life of women are facing serious threats due to increased stress and competition, life style disorders, toxic food and lack of emotional support. The physical aspects include the problems related to menstruation, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and senile disorders. The psycho emotional aspects comprise of mood swings, depression, tension, substance abuse and sexual problems. 

Treatment Details

Shirodhara - It removes mood swing and it helps in sleep disorder, Memory lapses, Improves concentration
Padabhyanga and Padasubhakari (foot massage) – It helps to relax mind and it brings good sleep
Sarvanga Ksheeradhara : - It Correct symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats. It revitalizes cells and does rejuvenation of the body and skin
Sarvanga Abhyanga,: It removes body pain , joint pain, pain in breast, stiffness of the body parts and increase overall health and mobility
Shodhana karma, including Vasti Chikitsa is helpful in detoxification of the body with application like Kati Vasti strengthening the back bone
Udvarthanam (Herbal powder Massage) increases blood circulation there by reducing pains in the joints, nourishing skin, reduce obesity an defend arthritis etc
Mukha lepana, (Herbal Paste Application on face) is an excellent cure for skin disorders including acne, dryness and pigmentation. It rejuvenates the skin making the patient younger.
Thala pothichil (Medicinal application on head) is an application that effect in the diseases related to the head, like tension, migraine and is also a well reckoned remedy for hair fall.

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