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Chronic Disease Prevention Package

A cut in your skin heals by itself. A bone which is broken will join by itself. This is true for a young healthy person but as you age the condition become fatal. The revitalization capacity of your body is lost due to various reasons resulting in chronic diseases.
Chronic diseases account for 53% of deaths in India, more than that of the infectious diseases. Chronic diseases are non communicable diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. Popular notion is that these diseases are non curable. Most of the chronic diseases are classified as genetic by modern medicine and proper treatment is evaded.
Tinned foods, soft drinks, chemical medicines, air pollution, stress & strain, chemicals in vegetables, preservatives of non-vegetarian food, improper eating habits all leads to the destruction of revitalizing capacity of body. Thus chronic diseases will occur and the patients become unable to do their jobs both physically and mentally.
Our revitalizing capacity can be improved by revitalization therapies. And thus the body becomes capable of healing any disorder by itself. To realize this, packages are provided which need to be followed on yearly basis for varying durations as packages of 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days. It prevents the coming of chronic diseases, and good for to stop ageing in mind and body.

Treatment Details

The package includes treatments like,

Shodhana karmas are helpful in detoxification of the body with application like Nasya, Vasthi, and Virechana.
Padabhyanga (foot massage) gives an effect of full body massage and rejuvenates the body.
Shiro Ksheeradhara and Sarvanga Ksheeradhara, and Pizhichil increase blood circulaiton making the body young and reverse the ageing process and provide vigor and strength to body.
Therapeutic sweating like Shashtikapindasweda or Navarakizhi using navara rice, milk and herbal decoction and Mamsa Pindasweda, using meat, rice and herbal decoction are used to strengthen body and fight muscular dystrophy, wasting and rheumatism.

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