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Memory Fitness Package

Do you remember the mobile numbers of twenty say ten people who are close to you. If you dont require much time to recollect then you need not read further. But unfortunately our memories are not sharp especially in the modern days. We tend to forget things fast and need constant reminders and references to perform our day to day activities.
Often in case of busy professionals and businessmen who cant afford the luxury of a secretary face serious problems because of lack of memory. Students are the worst affected considering their work load and the numerous activities around them often distracting their concentration. Lack of good memory power affects the performance of those who appear for competitive examinations too.
Memory disorders can be grave like Alzheimers disease, Amnesia, and Dementia or less serious like problems in storing rating and recollection of memory. These problems can seriously affect the professional, social and family life of the patient and often results in the diffidence and depression. The need for the day is not only to fine tune the memory but also to enhance and enable it to excellent standards.
Ayurveda has remedies for memory fitness which is renowned across the world. Herbal drugs including Brahmi which enhance the protein synthesis in brain and thereby increasing its capacity, Ashwagandha used as a stress buster and revitalizer to calm the brain , Shankapushpi, Muleti,

Treatment Details

The package includes treatments like,

Therapies like Shirodhara helps o rejuvenate the brain and enrich the brain cells
The Purgation of the head and the adjacent organs is done by the aid of Shiro Vasthi and Nasya.
Various massaging methods or Abhyangas including Shiroabhyanga increases the blood circulation to the brain thereby enhancing the cranial activity.

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