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Grand Parenting Package

The word mentor is defined by Webster as "a friend or sage adviser." For a child both the roles of a friend and advisor are performed best by its grandparents. They are patient, loving, and are able and willing to devote time for a child. In fact the grandparents undergoing a state of second childhood, in the latter half of their life can handle the children more sensibly.

During days bygone the joint family was prominent which had a crucial role in the upbringing of the children. The grandparents played a pivotal role in taking care of the health, behavior and culture of the youngsters. Since marriages happened at early years the grandparents were quite young and their general health condition was good.
Modern day couples with their lack of experience in practical life cannot always have the patience and expertise for grooming the child. They have limited time due to careers, social and financial commitments. Influence of teachers is limited to the school and a child interacts with many teachers, while the role of relatives is minimal in most cases.
The change in the society has lead to the isolation of families and the age of marriage and conception enhanced. The grandparents today are not as free as in olden days most of them taking post retirement assignments. Their health conditions are much deteriorated and find it difficult o comprehend the energetic vibes of the children.

The Earth Ayurvedic package offers a platform to create better understanding of upbringing the grandchildren. We have rejuvenation packages for improving the health conditions of the grandparents so that they can take care of the children better.

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Shodhana karmas
Shiro Ksheeradhara
Sarvanga Ksheeradhara
Pizhichil and Navarakizhi.

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