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monomediThe monomedi method of treatment is followed mostly by consuming medicine with only one ingredient. It is a one time treatment and are not repeated. Usually, no other supplementary medicines are used while treating.



The patient is asked to cut the nails and wash the legs. The medicine from the bolus is squeezed and poured over the big toes of both the legs. The duration of treatment is around 20 minutes.

Kidney Stone


The Patient has to wake up in the morning and should be in empty stomach. The medical paste prescribed is mixed in tender coconut water, and is advised to drink the whole water at that time itself. The procedure is repeated for few days till the stone expels the body.

Head Ache


The patient gets admitted for one day and the treatment starts at 5.30 am. A 24 hours bed rest is required, with gruel water as the only diet. The patient is advised not to read, watch television and to avoid day sleep, during this period. The medicine is applied over the shin of the leg and is kept for 24 hours till next day morning 5.30 am. The patient is discharged after this.

Gall bladder stone


The patient is admitted in the hospital and the duration of treatment is from morning 7.00 am to 9.00 pm in the night. A special mix of liquid is given and that has to be consumed at an interval of 15 minutes. No other food is taken during this period. The gall bladder stone gets expelled in a day.

Osteo Arthrtis


The affected part is applied with some secret ingredients mixed with honey. The medicine applied rejuvenates the cells and replaces the synovial fluid in the joints.

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