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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer is the most beautiful gift ever to the mankind from the modern day science. Most of us are exposed to the computers and work on it throughout the day.. some of us do it overnight also. Even today\'s children are no exception. Most of our day to day work depends on the use of computer...

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Job Hazards

The hectic job scenario of the modern life not only consumes Depression and Obesity leisure and family life but also your health. Lifestyle diseases are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. Sedentary jobs, poor diet, alcohol, lack of stress coping mechanisms...

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Do the thought of the extra pounds eat up your peace of mind every time you savor a piece of cake. Do you live in the fear of the Damocles Sword ? Obesity, all day. Then never hesitate a moment to find out whether you really need to bother or only need certain small restrains. Obesity, irrespecti...

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Teenage Problems

The turbulent teens is correlated with a series of problems such as depression, drug abuse, suicide, problems at studies, obesity, violence and so on. The parents, siblings and even the society are affected along with the youngsters who undergo the tumults of the age. The problems of the teenage ...

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Kalyanaka Rasayanam

The parents envision healthy and pretty newborns in their minds. More than the minds, what the parents need for their dream child is physical preparation, which is lacking in most cases. The conception should occur at the ideal time, when both the partners are physically and mentally prepared.

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