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Job Hazards

The hectic job scenario of the modern life not only consumes Depression and Obesity leisure and family life but also your health. Lifestyle diseases are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. Sedentary jobs, poor diet, alcohol, lack of stress coping mechanisms etc have a pivotal role in worsening the health crisis. Most of these diseases are found to be job oriented. Diseases like Gastritis, Diabetes, Hemorrhoids, and Sinusitis coupled with premature graying, hair fall & dandruff and skin disorders are formed people who skip routine food, sleep and exercises. Lifestyle diseases are different from other diseases because they are potentially preventable, and can be lowered with changes in diet, lifestyle, and environment. Most of these do not lend themselves to a quick fix by modern medicine. Ayurveda, the Science of life offers comprehensive solutions to all the problems related to life style diseases. The Earth Ayurvedic Hospitals are exponents of this science, specializing in the Keraleeya Karmas of Ayurveda. Selective programmes are designed for the IT, Corporate and Business Class who are much affected by the hazards of their jobs. The Earth Ayurvedic hospitals provide appropriate solutions from the treasure box of Ayurveda for the ocular ailments. The packages aims at strengthening the muscles and increasing tear production and moisture of the eyes. It also provides remedies to the problems caused to others organs as well due to excessive computer usage. Two different treatment styles are provided depending on the ailments of the eye.


Premature graying of hairs
Hair Fall & Dandruff
Skin Disorders

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