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Teenage Problems

The turbulent teens is correlated with a series of problems such as depression, drug abuse, suicide, problems at studies, obesity, violence and so on. The parents, siblings and even the society are affected along with the youngsters who undergo the tumults of the age. The problems of the teenage mainly affect the health and studies of the adolescents. They show lack of interest in studies and end up with poor results. These problems require careful handling as this even result in fatal conditions.

Earth Ayurvedics compact solution for teenage problems The Earth Ayurvedic has established a special unit to focus on the needs of the teenagers. Wide and intense set of applications is needed for the teenage problems that are diverse and complicated. Ayurvedic applications are best suited for this set of diseases as there are no side effects. The set of therapies applied are varied to cure the different syndromes


Most of them show physical sluggishness,
hormonal imbalances,
menstrual problems etc.

Treatment Details

Sarvanga abhyanga (Full body massage) cleanses the body, improves the complexion, maintain softness of the body, restores the immunity of the skin, reduces stress & strain. Shirodhara (Slow Pouring of medicated liquids on the forehead) increases memory, concentration, reduces body heat, relieves anxiety.

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