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Kalyanaka Rasayanam

The parents envision healthy and pretty newborns in their minds. More than the minds, what the parents need for their dream child is physical preparation, which is lacking in most cases. The conception should occur at the ideal time, when both the partners are physically and mentally prepared.

Ensuring the proper health of the baby and the mother during pregnancy and at time of child birth is a tremendous task.

The change in lifestyle has created numerous problems of infertility and more over result in pregnancy related complications. These can be avoided if proper care is taken from an early stage. Another important aspect is the suitable post natal care to maintain health and beauty, which unfortunately is not received by many women, resulting in premature aging, obesity and weakness. The Ayurvedic therapies advice for natural delivery, free from any complications, for good maternal health, a healthy progeny with good immunity power. This ultimately results in good post delivery lactation which again helps in healthy growth of the baby.

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